The Top Accessories Your LGarden Needs

June 6, 2018

LGarden Accessories

Purchasing your LGarden Original is a gamechanger, right? Finally, you have a garden right at your fingertips, not only making your planting easier, but entertaining too. Now, just a few accessories will take your elevated gardening game to a whole new level.

Here’s what you need to make your LGarden a 10 this summer:

The Craft Grower Kit – Take your garden to new heights! Grow up with this trellis and trough planters, giving you even more space to grow veggies and display colorful plants. A removable shelf is perfect for two grower flats.

Greenhouse Cover – We’re enjoying the warmer temps now, but be ready for fall with this greenhouse cover. This is the key to extending your growing season!

Power Green Seed Mats – Planting herbs and greens is even easier than 1,2,3 with the Power Green Seed Mats. Just unroll and add water. That’s it!

With these accessories, summer just got even sunnier!

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