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Engineered with the gardener in mind, the LGarden was designed with several innovative features that make it the perfect solution for patio, deck or balcony gardening. Here are some of the features that make this gardening system so popular:

Ergonomically designed for healthy gardening
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Convenient Height
Ergonomically designed for healthy gardening, the LGarden’s raised garden bed creates a waist-high gardening experience that will eliminate back and knee strain. With easy reach from all sides, the LGarden is also ideal for gardeners that require sitting while they work or have a limited range of motion. It’s also just low enough for young gardeners, of course!
Four large, scratch resistant wheels
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Easy Mobility
Four large, scratch resistant wheels allow the LGarden to safely transport up to 500 pounds. It travels on almost any decking or patio surface with ease, and because you can lock the wheels, your LGarden will not roll in high winds or on unlevel surfaces.
The reinforced carriage will safely transport up to 500 pounds
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Reinforced Carriage
The LGarden is engineered to safely maneuver 500 lbs. of soil and plants, and the purpose-built wheels plus the reinforced carriage were designed so you can roll your mobile garden bed at any time. Whether you’re making space for outdoor entertaining, moving plants to best access sun, rain or covered areas when needed, the LGarden makes the process safe and easy. You can even roll it indoors for fair weather planting or to get plantings out of the cold for a longer growing season.
Weather and UV resistant powder coated steel
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Durable Construction
The LGarden is constructed using weather and UV resistant powder coated steel to ensure long lasting outdoor use.
A 5 millimeter vinyl liner protects the wood
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Protective Lining
A 5 millimeter vinyl liner and bottom drain system allows for controlled draining of excess water and protects the LGarden’s sturdy wood garden bed support.
The lower shelf is perfect for tool storage
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Lower Shelf
The lower shelf provides storage for items you wish to stow but still keep within easy access. This built in shelving is perfect for tool storage in small outdoor spaces.