2017 Accessories for LGarden

LGarden “Craft Grower” Kit – #0400 / LGarden Greenhouse Cover – #0420

Enhance your LGarden space with our exclusive LGarden “Craft Grower” kit. Bring this elevated space to life with delicious edibles and vibrant flowers. Designed in the USA to maximize your harvest by growing vertically from the LGarden platform. Sturdy steel construction for maximum strength and longevity.


  • One 51” x 22″ trellis
  • Two tapered 24” trough planters with sustainable coco moss inserts
  • One 51” x 12” removable shelf, perfect for two grower flats

ADD our NEW Optional Greenhouse Cover for extending your growing season (Item #0420).

This durable greenhouse helps warm the soil and protects the plants from harsh weather. That means you can start planting earlier in spring and extend the season into fall. Large zipper up door to easily tend to your plants without having to remove the cover.  Easy to put on and easy to remove. Includes tie down straps and draw strings for anchoring.