Elevated Garden Beds

Elevated Gardening is an innovative way to enjoy the satisfaction of growing plants while eliminating the negatives of traditional gardening. Using an elevated garden makes gardening easy through limited maintenance and better results. Today’s busy lifestyle doesn’t always allow for hours spent bending over picking weeds and deterring pests.

Perfect for gardening on decks or patios
LGarden Original
The LGarden Original is a substantial mobile elevated garden designed to make gardening comfortable and easy. The 12 square feet of waist-high gardening space eliminates the back and knee strains of traditional gardening. The 4 wheels allow the LGarden to be moved easily in order to follow the sunlight or simply to make space for other things. This mobility makes it perfect for gardening in places such as decks, patios, or even driveways where space is at a premium and there isn’t room for a traditional garden. Holds 15+ mature plants. Measures 62″ x 28″.

Garden in tight places like balconies and porches
LGarden Balcony NEW
The LGarden Balcony is designed to offer a true garden experience for smaller spaces. Grow 10+ plants in a waist-high garden that’s mobile. So just because you live 5 floors up doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own! Holds 10+ mature plants. Measures 44″ x 22″.

The Small 1m VegTrug will hold 7.35 cu.ft. of container mix
VegTrug (small)
The small VegTrug is a terrific entry level option for elevated gardening. Made of wood it offers an economical option for an individual interested in a waist high garden experience. Holds 10+ mature plants. Measures 9″ x 30″.

The Medium VegTrug will hold 13.7 cu.ft. of container mix
VegTrug (medium)
The medium VegTrug is a BIG vessel for growing vegetables at the waist high level. The very popular British trug was one of the first all wood styles on the market promoting the features and benefits of no bend gardening. Holds 20+ mature plants. Measures 70″ x 30″.