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Power Green Seed Mats



Feel differently about herbs, fresh greens and yourself with these beyond easy seed mats. Just unroll over soil, cover lightly with soil and add water. You can even pat yourself on the back without getting your shirt dirty.


  • Two convenient sizes
  • Grow greens by just adding water
  • You choose when to harvest
Varieties Red Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Fast Flowering Brassica, Mizuna and Siberian Kale


Power Greens are easy to grow, and in just 2-3 weeks will be ready to add a nutrient boost and delicious flavors to salads, smoothies and savory dishes. Our Power Green varieties are embedded in five rows within a biodegradable mat. Using our seed mat eliminates the need to manipulate individual seeds during planting.

Simply cut your seed mat to fit your LGarden, lay it over the prepared soil within the LGarden, cover it lightly with soil, water, and enjoy watching your seedlings grow. These are quick to plant and sure to succeed – no gardening experience needed. Each mat includes 1 row each of Red Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Fast Flowering Brassica, Mizuna and Siberian Kale – the equivalent of 3 seed packets of each variety.

Then, just choose your harvestMicrogreens after 2-3 weeks when leaves overlap, Baby Leaf greens after 3-6 weeks or Mature Plants after 7+ weeks (can harvest or transplant at this time).


When would I use Power Green seed mats?

The Power Green seed mats can be used in an LGarden Original, LGarden Balcony, in your garden or any planter you wish.  The Power Green seed mats are easy to use and will give any planting some quick growing results.  You can cut the seed mat to fill your LGarden or simply just a section of your LGarden.