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Greenhouse Cover for Craft Grower Kit


We understand the laws of nature. And made it easier. With the Greenhouse cover, you can begin gardening earlier in the year and keep gardening into fall.


  • Tie down straps
  • Full zipper door
  • Anchor points
Dimensions 58" x 30" x 27"
Material Poly Vinyl


This durable greenhouse helps warm the soil and protects the plants from harsh weather. That means you can start planting earlier in spring and extend the season into fall. Large zipper up door to easily tend to your plants without having to remove the cover.  Easy to put on and easy to remove. Includes tie down straps and draw strings for anchoring.

Requires LGarden Original and Craft Grower Kit, each sold separately.


What products can I use the Greenhouse Cover with?

The Greenhouse Cover must be used in conjunction with LGarden’s Craft Grower Kit and an LGarden Original.