About LGarden Original and LGarden Balcony

Our LGarden and LGarden Balcony are “new age gardens” designed to be compatible with the twenty first century lifestyle. Healthy herbs, vegetables and fruits can now be grown at a waist high level — steps from your kitchen. Designed in the USA, our unique gardening vessels offer an individual the horticultural experience while eliminating the negatives commonly associated with traditional gardening.

In 2003 my mother, an avid gardener had double knee surgery at 76 years old. While my sisters helped her with rehabbing, my mission was to explore gardening products she would be able to use that summer. My occupation was sales and marketing of consumer products in lawn and garden. I quickly realized there weren’t any products designed specifically for the gardener who had limited mobility. It was at that point with the assistance of a design engineer, we created some outstanding conceptual drawings. Jack Stein, a legend in lawn and garden retailing, loved the concept but cautioned that designing a “model T before the Cadillac” would be the prudent path. For six years the designs served as mere decorations on my office wall. Thanks to the enthusiasm of a younger generation promoting the idea of sustainable living, refusing to believe you can’t garden if you don’t have nutrient rich soil under your feet — we updated the designs and launched this cross generational product offering.

LGarden Original offers over 12 sq. ft. of gardening space (62″L x 30″W x 32″H); enough space for a minimum of 15 mature vegetable plants including deep rooted varieties. Designed with a flare of practicality through its mobility and durability, this vessel takes the negatives out of gardening. 32″ off the ground the LGarden brings the earth waist-high, transforming the once laborious process of gardening to the simple concept of growing plants.

The LGarden Balcony (44″L x 22″W x 32″H) was designed as a leaner alternative to our Original LGarden. The Balcony is a perfect solution for someone living in an apartment or condo who wants the satisfaction of growing regardless of their lack space. The LGarden Balcony is not a glorified window box; this vessel has girth and mobility!