The LGarden is New and Improved

December 7, 2017

The LGarden is New and Improved!  It has updated its design and construction.  You can rest assured that this innovative, elevated, mobile garden will last for many seasons.  The LGarden’s side bucket panels are now made from composite wood, giving it the earthly appearance of wood while providing increased strength and extended life of the panels.  The LGarden’s steel components are now dipped in a magnesium bath prior to powder coating to ensure a long-lasting finish.  The LGarden comes with heavy duty casters. You’ll be able to take your garden where ever the sun goes throughout the day. To the patio. By the pool. Into the garage.  You name it. Wheels rated to hold and maneuver up to 500 lbs of soil and plants means your LGarden won’t be a burden after you’ve started planting. Try that with the other guys.  The LGarden Original also comes with a fitted vinyl liner with 3 drain plugs allowing for a controlled draining of excess water.

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