How To Maximize A Small Garden Space

May 24, 2018

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Three Ways to Maximize a Small Space Garden

Are you an avid, enthusiastic gardener, or perhaps you enjoy gardening as a side hobby? No matter how much you love gardening, there are many reasons a large garden just might not be for you.

Why gardening could be a challenge:

While these might initially feel like hurdles, there’s still a great way to keep your gardening hobby going strong. That’s right, all of these challenges are also great opportunities to start an amazing small space garden. LGarden has a variety of products to make this possible without a large yard, if you have limited time or if gardening has become difficult physically. Small space gardening in an elevated garden is an ideal solution.

There are many creative ways to effectively garden in your small space:

  1. Use your area wisely by growing up. Certain veggies and plants that grow on vines grow well vertically, including tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and more. In addition, vertical growing offers more air flow to the plants and an easier ability to water. LGarden offers a Craft Grower Kit that attaches to your LGarden Original for vertical gardening.
  2. Incorporate shelving to decorate your elevated garden – consider adding accessories and potted annual flowers for visual appeal and color that will attract non-stinging bees to pollinate your garden.
  3. Accessorize your space with a variety of potted plants. This allows you to add more pops of color and use the sun and shade to your advantage when certain plants have different needs than the rest of your elevated garden.

Gardening is possible in a small space – as long as you’re creative. The LGarden is the perfect solution to enjoy the outdoors and continue gardening in a small setting.

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