Fresh-air rooms: Why LGarden should be a part of yours

July 24, 2017

There’s a growing trend around the country to do more with your backyard than just being a “yard.” We’re talking outdoor living spaces. Rooms that have all the creature comforts of your indoor space, but without a roof. Imagine enjoying your living room with guests, but having the fresh air and sounds of nature all around you.

Our friends at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel just did a recent article that outlines what to look for if you’re hoping to add an outdoor living space to your home. They review some tips in terms of fabrics, heat sources, outdoor kitchen dos-and-don’ts, among other topics.

Another excellent addition to your outdoor living space is an LGarden. Not only is it an easy way to integrate fresh herbs and veggies to your healthy meals while entertaining, it’s also an excellent conversation piece to impress your friends. When you’re done fixing everyone’s mojitos for the evening, imagine walking to your LGarden, picking a leaf of mint right off the plant and into their cocktail.

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