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LGarden Balcony

Gardening is no longer hard labor

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Your garden can...

Go places you always dreamed of.

With LGarden’s design, you’ll be able to take your garden where ever the sun goes throughout the day. To the patio. By the pool. Into the garage. ¬†You name it. Wheels rated to hold and maneuver up to 500 lbs of soil and plants means your LGarden won’t be a burden after you’ve started planting. Try that with the other guys.

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Healthy lifestyle.

Healthy bragging rights.

Become the expert on extraordinary herbs and greens like rosemary, cilantro, arugula and even alligator peppers. Why would you be the expert? Well, with the LGarden you were able to grow them all, of course! It’s time to turn that get healthy “to-do” list into a get healthy “grown-that” list.

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Feel differently about herbs, flavors

and yourself.

Imagine you’re having a nice dinner party. To kick things off, you are preparing your famous mojitos. Instead of unpackaging store bought mint, you walk out onto your patio and pick a sprig right off of your very own mint plant. With LGarden, no one can make a drink like you can.

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